Thursday, 16 January 2014

She's Here

On the 8th of January I gave birth to a daughter, named Minka Rose.

I did not announce the pregnancy here, or anywhere else public, for obvious reasons. But now the year has changed and with it our entire lives. I am still spinning from everything that has happened. 2013 was the hardest year of my life, the pregnancy both a terrifying ordeal and a joy-filled blessing.
I am lucky beyond words.

In fact, it all seems beyond words at this moment! But I promised myself I would announce her here - I imagined myself writing the words 'she's here'. I could hardly dare believe they would be true, but they are - she is here.

If I ever sleep again I will write something more coherent! Blessing to you all.

A few hours before she was born...

Minka Rose


  1. Congratulations to you; welcome to the most frustrating, wonderful, marvellous, intimidating, joy making and awe inspiring change you could ever imagine. Your post has made me smile

  2. Oh well done. Peter and I are so pleased for you and Andy. We send our love

  3. Congratulations! Enjoy this time, they grow so quickly!

  4. Nomi, I am so very, very glad to hear she is here at last, after all you have been through. All my love and hopes for you, all 3 (and Lyra looking over you). Now a whole new journey begins! xxx

  5. Beyond overjoyed for you Nomi
    Marianna xx

  6. She is so tiny and perfect, congratulations to you both! xx

  7. Congratulations, lovely! So happy for you. Minka Rose is a strong and beautiful name for a strong and beautiful baby. Sending lots of love to you, Andy and your little one. xx